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Res is an artist residency for chefs, a non-commercial environment where chefs from around the world can present their work their very best work to the audience of New York without being rushed or stressed. RES is located on the the historic Brooklyn waterfront, basically looking the statue of liberty right in the eye and right across the river from Manhattan. All too often, chefs who travel for collaborative dinners and other events are rushed, short on money, or unable to fully showcase their talents. At Res, we hope to change that.

There, we can host collaborative dinners, one-off events, or installations, and the chefs can stay at Res while they present their work, free of charge. It's a place where a chef can present their work exactly how they want it to be, while exploring the city, meeting colleagues, and working on their repertoire. At Res we have a cold kitchen, hot kitchen, and an outdoor fire kitchen. The dining area is a big beautiful garden with a large Canadian lodging tent.RES is meant to be a creative space without the constraints of a running restaurants day to day operations to interfere with the quality and integrity of the Resident Chefs best work.

RES is designed as a work-in-progress that will change as the months and years go by. We know one thing though: we want to contribute to our community of chefs, to our peers, and continue to make the world a bit smaller for those who love this profession.